About us

Our company

Nusratech, a business development agency, is a great blessing for the current E-commerce sector of Bangladesh as it has been providing some elementary and extraordinary services, solutions to many E-commerce sites since its formation on 28 November,2015. People are being interested in E-commerce sector but most of the time they meet with some critical problems whose solutions they don’t find immediately which is a big barrier to the improvement of our E-commerce sector. We are striving for the improvement of our rising E-commerce sector providing with any kind of service, help, and support.


We mainly focus on E-commerce sector and our mission is to make people awaken about E-commerce sector, solving contemporary technological problems and making its weak technological sites strong, filling up the blank sites of E-commerce sector of Bangladesh with expert manpower. Above all, we want to present our E-commerce sector to the world as a well-developed sector.


Holding the leading position of e-commerce development company is our uppermost vision. Our second vision is to keep our indigenous people away from abusing IT.