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May 2, 2017
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Win over women this Ramadan to make your business more successful

The post is inspired by and Re-write from Facebook for Business in Bangladesh Ramadan perspective.

When Month of Holy Ramadan knocks at our door families usually begin taking preparation for fasting 30 days and celebrating Eid. There are lots of traditions in this month and it’s a period of togetherness and harmony that keeps you in a festive mood always. This month is also an auspicious season for many Muslim women.
Women are regarded the prime person of a family as they keep the household together.  To make our Ramadan and Eid celebration more enjoyable they work as a pillar. That’s why they generally get a little time for other things throughout the month.
A research by Kantar has found that almost 30% women remain in a stress as they’re supposed to meet the constant need to keep their home tidy as well as cook rich and delicious food items during the celebrations. Again 28% have indicated they are worried about their dress up since they get very little time to plan what to wear and purchase.

Mobile is her perfect companion

During Ramadan season mobile use is increased noticeably especially by women. Despite being busy with household chores, many women used to rely on mobile phone to connect with their friends, mates for sharing their plans for celebration

Cater to her interests
The month of Ramadan is one best time for family and celebration. Family, food, and household are the 3 keywords that become the common topics of discussion throughout the month. Most of the conversations happened on Facebook are related to household and home cleanliness.
During Ramadan most popular and top hashtags on Instagram for women are #hijab, #love, and #fashion
Besides, women widely share with one another about Iftar, what foods item recipes and healthy meals they’re going to make for Iftar. Chola- Peyaju is the common topic that’s discussed in Iftar related posts.

Take advantage of opportune moments

Some crucial moments of Ramadan season to build awareness and drive sales for your business are as following:

2 Weeks before Ramadan
Muslims start planning for cleaning their bodies and residences. So, a massive opportunity is created for homecare and household brands and F&B and personal care brands.

Ramadan week 1
During the 1st week of Ramadan Muslims focus most on having Iftar and being united with family and friends. So, restaurant and clothing Brands must give their topmost focus on campaigning their fashion ideas and food promotions.

Ramadan week 2 and 3
In these periods people reconnect with friend and on the other hands, women desire to look their best.

Ramadan week 4
These are the last moments of Ramadan where people get busy with returning to their hometown and preparing for the festivals. As people want to complete their full shopping during this time business companies and brands must offer Ramadan-inspired products, solutions, and services.

Expose your brand’s story through germane and inspirational micro-content on mobile that encourages larger exploration as well as try to connect with her through creative videos, photos, carousel and canvas. Reach out to your audience offering lucrative promotions, fruitful advice, and inspirational instructions so that they can spend the whole Ramadan month being more stress-free.

Reach women with ingenious targeting
Women often search on their mobile for solutions and ideas. So, a big opportunity for you to reach her is helping give her what she needs most. Ready the content of your messages with inspirational solutions and send messages as early as April that helps remove their stress. Comparing to the month before  Ramadan, women shop 21% more in the post-Ramadan period. So keep the momentum till at that time.

Your business can successfully reach out to the following female celebrants of Bangladesh. know more with Facebook’s Audience Insights Tool.

Throughout the Ramadan period, give your utmost priority to 3 things. They are as following:

  1. Plan to reach precise demographics of women by Interest Targeting.
  2. Generate a Custom Audience according to your contact list.
  3. For the best results optimize your ad placements on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. Forming a similar Audience based upon your prevailing customers will able you to find women who have similar traits and habits.

Key Takeaways

Provide them with the best Ramadan Tips
Provide them with versatile tips on mouthwatering recipe ideas, decorating the residence or new attire to try. Use Facebook and Instagram as your platform for introducing your products and services to the women. Thus they will be able to discover what they love.

Reach women early
April is the most crucial month for you to offer women products, tips, and services as they become more vigilance from the early moment of this month.

Fix their problems
Remove the constant stress of women providing them the best household solutions, versatile recipes ideas, and latest fashion news and tips.

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